Monday, January 4, 2010

More spelling lists
Here are some more lists for you to print out and enjoy.  From the preface:
The Consolidated Word List  is a compilation of over 100 Scripps National Spelling bee word lists dating as far back as 1950. There are 23,413 unique words in this 2004 edition. Parts of speech, language origins, pronunciations, definitions, and sentences are provided for 43% (10,139) of these words. The words are divided into three categories:
• Words Appearing Infrequently (6,615 words; 22% with word information)
• Words Appearing with Moderate Frequency (9,058 words; 40% with word information)
• Words Appearing Frequently  (7,740 words; 66% with word information) 
There is some overlap with the previously posted word lists.  But, really, can there be too many word lists?

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