Monday, April 19, 2010

So you think you can spell?

The kind folks over at SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SPELL? have written a nice blog post about us.  It's an honor to be included in the same sphere as the Williamsburg Spelling Bee, the AARP National Spelling Bee, and the Scripps National Spelling Bee (the big kahuna).

Their book is So You Think You Can Spell?: Killer Quizzes for the Incurably Competitive and Overly Confident.  The subtitle says it all. 

I have worked my way through about half of the book, and I can say it is simultaneously fun and humbling.  For example, pick the correct spelling: herculian/herculeian/herculaean/herculaean/herculean.  How about bonnehommie/bonhommie/bonhomie/bonnehomie?  Back in October, I wrote a one-line review of it elsewhere: "You think you know... but you don't know."  Don't let that discourage you; think of it as a brain-tickler.  The authors, David Grambs and Ellen Levine, have included plenty of variety in the quizzes and games, and the book is interspersed with interesting facts about words, lexicography, and language.  There is also a brief history of the spelling bee in America (and remember: you can be a part of that history this coming Saturday night!).

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  1. Awright, positive press! Woo hoo. The atmosphere is never a grind. Haw.


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